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Men's Yumi

  • $49.99





Catalog No.: 39-860

The Yumi sandal combines a simple strap style and a PU material upper with a technically-inspired footbed. Like all Spenco® Footwear the Total Support® Footbed gives an unmatched level of comfort and support.

The Shape That Feels Great®

US 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
UK 6.5 7.5 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5 12.5 13.5
EU 40 41.5 42.5 44 45 46.5 48 49
CM 24.5 25.5 26.5 27 28 29 30 30.5

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 8.5, order a size 8.


  • Compression molded EVA footbed
  • Spenco's proven TOTAL SUPPORT® Contour
  • Deep heel cupping
  • Orthotic-grade arch support
  • Metatarsal dome
  • Cushioned forefoot
  • Lightweight, two-part outsole
  • Zero-drop heel lift for maximum comfort
  • Non-slip, non-marking outsole
  • Antimicrobial helps control odor

Saft 9 months ago

Fits well to foot and provides good support. My husband raved about them!

Yumi Sandal 9 months ago

This is the second pair of these I have bought. The first pair was of higher quality. Although they provide the same support that I like, the sole of this pair is of cheaper quality and does not look like it will last. Disappointed.

Miller 11 months ago

I have very wide feet. These are the only flip flops that will comfortably fit my feet and provide quality support all day. Trust me I have tried all the brands out there.

Spenco buyer 12 months ago

Like my original Spenco's better - with the cork type top sole.

wrgpappers@gmail.com 1 years ago

Most comfortable

john94941 3 years ago

The title says it all. The foot support including metatarsal support is unparalleled in this kind of footwear. Thank you!

Barefoot Life 3 years ago

This is my second pair of SpenCo sandals. The first one lasted 7 years and was the most comfortable and dependable sandals I ever bought; Which is why I immediately ordered another pair.

jhf317 3 years ago

I've been using the Spenco insoles in my shoes for years to keep my PF at bay and really like them. It occurred to me that I should try these sandals for the same reason. It's a good feeling going from my shoes with the insoles to these; like there's no loss of support and comfort. Throwing away the old slides and sticking with these.

Brian Howard 3 years ago

This is my third pair of Spenco sandals. I love them! My chiropractor sold me my first pair and I have been hooked since. I use to have foot pain and could not wear flip-flops. These shoes have changed that. I have worn these to walk all day at amusement parks and was fine. Also, the durability is impressive. I put them through the test with the amount of wear I give them.

pof306 3 years ago

Great product, second pair I've purchased for myself and will be purchasing for family member as well. With Kind Regards, Phil

Goon 4 years ago

The arch support and tread on these are top quality. I have three pairs of these and I bought one for my dad. I love these Yumi!

Spencosuperfan 4 years ago

This is the second pair of the Yumi sandal I've owned. The first pair lasted 6 years and I wore them all the time (inside during the winter!). I cannot wear cheap flip flops or sandals as they hurt my feet. Years of running and other activities have made me very particular about what I put on my feet. The Yumi are the most comfortable sandals ever made. They have great support and cushioning and I can wear them anywhere. They require NO break-in period-they are comfortable out of the box. I won't wear any other sandal. Period.

SpencoFan 4 years ago

Yep, I'm old and still call my Spencos thongs like did when I was a kid. These are the best thongs I've ever owned. The arch support makes all the difference and the materials and construction make them a great value. This is my second pair even though my first pair is still going strong. I just couldn't pass up the great summer discount. Thanks for a great product.

YumiFan 4 years ago

Solid comfortable sandal with arch support. I wear them all summer even though my feet are flat as a pancake. Don't know why they work so well but they do.

rob appleton 4 years ago

I have supination; unless I wear orthotics with my shoes, my knees will hurt. But I don't need them with Yumi Carbon sandals. I wear them all the time and walk about 6 miles a day with no problem -A miracle!

Kanorris 4 years ago

Wear these after work for some relief! They have such great support!

lindawaitkus13@comcast.net 4 years ago

Love these sandals. Always comfortable and love this color. I am a 66 year old woman with painful feet but when I wear these shoes the pain is not quite so bad at the end of the day. Would recommend them to anyone who has sore feet. I have to buy men's sizes for the width.

Clay J 4 years ago

Best Flip Flops I have ever owned. Very comfortable and they last. The only down side to them is they are not puppy proof. I bought 3 pair in the last month because the puppy chewed the strap between the toes in half. That's how much I love these sandals. Have to have them.

Ninah 4 years ago

I first started wearing Spenco sandles 4 years ago following my recovery from stress fractures in my foot. My orthopedic surgeon recommended them to me, as being the

Edgar 4 years ago

I had heard of Spenco's reputation for comfort, so I am not surprised that these flips are comfortable, but I am also impressed with how they look. Great comfort and style; a winning combination!

parcoenpalabras 4 years ago

I used my new spenco, but they arent as comfortable as my old ones, I dont know what is the reason they havent been done with the same materials or the same way, but arent as comfortable as the other ones, also my toes hurt a bit after walking for more than 0.5 mile.

bucstumpy@msn.com 4 years ago

Best Flip flop ever now I own three pairs

me 4 years ago

good for my high arches

Originals 5 years ago

I have had 5 pairs of these over the years. The are great....excellent support and a cupped heel.

Van 5 years ago

It's hard to find sandals my size (15), that's a plus right off the start. So far they are very comfortable and seem to be very durable.??

chilemama 5 years ago

Although this is a man's sandal, I have ordered this model TWICE for my daughter and myself! It is comfortable and goes with everything in my wardrobe. If you ARE a woman, be sure to order 2 sizes DOWN for a perfect fit. Spenco's womens sandals are wonderful too; I have 4 other pairs of those!

M C Hart 5 years ago

I first bought these because of the arch supports. I am a woman with large feet and these were very comfortable. They lasted five years before I had to replace them. This is my second pair and I really appreciate the arch support because lady sandals for my foot size are priced much higher and may not always have arch support.

Sunibala4 5 years ago

Very good product I use it for inside my tiled house.

alhasan.alzaabi@gmail.com 5 years ago

I like this sandals and i even bought two different color. I thought it will have more support for my over pronation feet but its less than what i imagine. still i like it and its nice, comfy .

kgriffin@arielconsulting.com 5 years ago

Excellent. Thank you for these orthotics based products.

Beach Guy 5 years ago

This is my second pair of Spenco flip flops. They are extremely comfortable. I bought them to help with my plantar fasciitis. They provide great support and they look good too. I highly recommend them.

David 5 years ago

Most comfortable flip flops that I have worn since getting plantar fasciaitis

Monty 5 years ago

I bought these on advice from my doctor and can't take them off! I feel naked with out them. The support they have for my high arches is better than any other sandal or insole I've ever used.

Scott C. 5 years ago

I've had problems with an extra high instep all my life. These are the FIRST of any type of footwear that give me the support I need. They are absolutely the most comfortable things I have ever had on my feet. I wear them all the time!

Spence Fan 5 years ago

I'm a 9.5/10 in women's shoe and this men's 8 fits perfect and awesome support.

ptprincess93 5 years ago

Took a few wearing to get used to them but now I love them. My feet would always hurt with flip flops but with the support of these, my feet feel much better.

Bud Green 5 years ago

it's everything it was advertised to be. it's the most comfortable i've ever had. i wish you could make one with a leather insole, so it would be cooler

Wife of Mr. Picky 6 years ago

My husband was given a pair of these at a work safety conference. He won't wear anything but Spenco since then. He LOVES these and tells everyone he knows to try them out. He is VERY particular about his shoes so this is saying A LOT for these!!

PaolaP 6 years ago

I bought a few products from Spenco in the past, I am very pleased with their quality and with the orthopaedic side of them; bought this sandals for my husband and he is very happy with them, very comfortable too.

Dee 6 years ago

My husband has plantar fasciitis, this is the only flip flop he has found to make his feet feel better. I am now going to get him to try out a pair of shoes.

Sarah 6 years ago

These are the best sandals! Great traction on wet surfaces (unlike most flip flops I've ever worn). I don't have an arch problem, just hard to find a good fit and these are extremely comfortable and durable.

caalday 6 years ago

I suffer from planters fasciitis and they give me the support and comfort that my feet need. Thanks Spenco!

jucano 6 years ago

I love them. They help me a lot with my plantar fasciitis.

ff2of 6 years ago

Great to walk in.

Jake 6 years ago

I was complaining about my feet hurting after wearing my flip flops. I purchased these sandals and haven't had any foot issues since I started wearing them. They are extremely comfortable so I ended up buying another pair.

Joyous83 6 years ago

My husband loves them and our foot doctor highly recommends them.

al 6 years ago

not my first pair really love them and get really good wear from them.

mtngoers@aol.com 6 years ago

Might be good for others, but found soles to be very hard. Made my feet very sore, could not where them at all.

Clay J 6 years ago

Every flip flop I tried made my foot hurt for days after wearing them. Someone suggested I look at the Spenco Yumi. I wondered if the hype would really live up to my expectations. As soon as I put them on, I knew I had found my next pair of shoes.

Scott M. 7 years ago

They are awesome. The moment I get out of bed, I put them on!

James Henry 7 years ago

Whether it's after a long run on the trail or a long day on the firing range, nothing helps get my feet recovered and ready for whatever tomorrow brings like slipping on my Yumi sandals

Duke 7 years ago

Wow, I get to write 2 reviews. Guess because I bought two pair this time. Folks, this is the best sandal bar none. Very comfortable, wears like iron. Like I said before, this is not BS. Duke.

Kevin 7 years ago

I am buying a second pair. One for home in PA and one for home in FL!

Karen B. 7 years ago

This is my third pair of Spenco flip flops. I bought the first pair when I was suffering from plantar fasciitis. The firm arch support helped to relieve my heel pain and I was happy not to have to wear tennis shoes with inserts all the time.

Tom K 8 years ago

have been a spenco insert user for many years. I think the sandles are great but I do wish they had more cushion between the foot bed and the sole for a little softer feel.

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