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Fusion 2

  • $39.99





Catalog No: 39-944
Our simplest, kick-on/kick-off sandal yet, the Fusion 2 is your go-to sandal for after workout recovery or just kicking around the house. Waterproof and antimicrobial to help reduce odor.

The Shape That Feels Great®
For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 7.5, order a size 7.


Provides greater stability and helps guard against over-pronation (the tendency for the foot to roll inward).

Patented The Shape That Feels Great® Technology and lightweight Fusion Material provides heel-to-toe cushioning.

Ultra-soft natural-feel toe post is non-irritating, will not chafe and eliminates the need for break-in.

Cushions strike impact and reduces pressure at forefoot. 
Disperses pressure away from the metatarsal heads to optimize foot function, and provide increased comfort beneath the ball of the foot.

Anatomically designed heel dome provides additional material at impact zone and reduces pressure at heel.


A proven geometry ratio that Spenco has shown to have the best alignment of elements for maximum comfort.


Sewbeads 7 months ago

Ordered black, so, it would be a little subtle that I was wearing a glob of plastic. Nope, out of black, so I got what I thought was a nice orange. Its pinkier than the photo shows, and difficult to ignore, but my doctor says NO MORE BARE FEET. She recommended these perfect clouds of comfort. Yes, they are ugly. I wear them for every step I take inside my house and my feet have never felt better.

sandbox26 8 months ago

This is the third pair of Spence Fusion 2 sandals I've bought. I love the cushioning and arch support. I would like to see the thong piece that goes between the toes be a bit narrower.

Barbara 1 years ago

I normally wear a size 8 in all shoes. While these feel comfortable in the width, my heel rubs against the back of this sandal. If I were to order again I would order size 9.

Shopandsail 1 years ago

This sandel is the most comfortable pair I own. If you want fashion you are out of luck but I prefer comfort over fashion anyday. I only wish they had this type of cushion and support in their more fashionable sandels.

SC Shoes 2 years ago

My flat feet make wearing flip flops painful. But these are so comfortable!

joyjoy52@hotmail.com 2 years ago

My foot will not slide in with ease like my first pair of Spenco sandals. I am finding the footbed not a firm and stable as my former pair and the sandal does not slide, almost sticks to some floor surface's. I am disappointed at first few wearings, hope future break in's will help.

LoveTheseShoes 2 years ago

I have been suffering from Plantar Fascitis and Achilles Tendonitis for about three years. It got so bad I spent two weeks off of work with my feet on ice packs and going to physical therapy. Anyone who has suffered understands how your entire world changes when you are so uncomfortable and by the end of the day every step is agony. I bought a pair of these last summer from my chiropractor and I can finally walk comfortably around the house and out running errands. I am still working on foot issues, but these shoes made me so much more comfortable. I now own three pair!

Laura 2 years ago

Excellent sandals

Alegnacleaning@yahoo.com 3 years ago

Love it

alice 3 years ago

I am very pleased with the Women's Fusion 2 slip ons. They fit my foot perfectly allowing more than adequate toe room. I like the fitted heel too. I have neuropathy and i feel this style is safe and protects my feet.

Patricia 3 years ago

This is my fourth pair. I returned one of a diff color because it fit smaller. So I am sticking to the Hot Coral color as long as they are produced. I wear these everyday! I have a pair for indoors and an outdoor pair. I have heavy shoes for work. So when I come home and slip these on they feel like a

Marge 3 years ago

I love them. Very comfortable

PattieG 4 years ago

Feel so good when walking. Like walking on air

cindymun 4 years ago

I have wide feet, but when they swell, the

Liz 4 years ago

These are really light and comfortable. The support is great!

Apple 4 years ago

I usually purchase Spenco Yumi style sandle for the comfort, metatarsal support and width. I wear Size 6-6.5W, so I order Size 7 Yumi which works well. I ordered the Fusion2 size 7, but my heels hit the back edge, otherwise the sandles feel like a cloud. I've not returned them for a Size 8, have never worn Size 8 and doubt the arch support would fit properly, so I just wear them around the house.

KathyW 4 years ago

Very comfortable and cushioned sole. Like that they are waterproof and not slippery when wet. I also like the charcoal grey color. More comfortable than my Reefs.

RME 4 years ago

These are the most comfortable

Linda 4 years ago

Extremely comfortable flip flops!! I stand on my feet for 12 hours a day and these flip flops feel good all day!! Will for sure but again!!!

Happy Feet 4 years ago

Truly the best sandal for kicking around the house especially after workout. Wish this came in slide style! {~.~}

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