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Catalog No.: 31-005

Helps make any bed more comfortable by reducing pressure points. 

Every Silicore® Padding Product is made with Silicore® Fibers, unique siliconized hollow core shafts that don’t mat down, retain their loft and allow air flow. The silicone coating lubricates each fiber to reduce friction and shear force while preventing moisture penetration or retention. The breathable cotton/polyester fabric is fully washable, dryable, and radio-translucent. Silicore® Padding Products pass the requirements described in 16 CFR Part 1632 Standard for the Flammability of Mattresses and Mattress Pads, (FF-72, Amended). Bed, Full Wheelchair and Chair Pads are also reversible with a moisture resistant nylon on the other side.

Hospital bed size: 76" x 36" (198 cm x 91 cm)

Moire 7 years ago

Bought this for someone confined to a bed. Really helped with the comfort and prevention of bed sores. I would highly recommend this, but a water proof cover can be helpful in keeping it clean and dry.

Wizzard 7 years ago

My wife developed a stage 2 bed sore. Our visiting nurse recommended this bed pad. It is excellent. It is very soft yet supportive. The cover is very smooth and facilitates moving a person's position including sliding on and off the pad.

Rosa M. 8 years ago

I purchased this bed pad for my father who has Alzheimer's. It is soft and very comfortable. I would recommend buying washable bed pads to put in-between the sheets in case of accidents. I would buy it all over again that is for sure.

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